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Garage Door Repair in Jonesboro GA

When a garage door doesn't open or close the way it's meant to, it becomes a major hindrance. Putting aside the annoying factor, which is significant, dealing with a garage door that isn't working disrupts your daily routine. Plus, it can actually be quite dangerous too. So whenever problems arise, get in touch with the best garage door repairers near you – meaning us! We fix opener problems of all types, replace broken springs, panels, and tracks, and even install new systems from scratch (with a free estimate to boot). Any service your overhead door needs, we can provide at the lowest costs around Jonesboro.

Nearby Opener Repair Technicians

Having someone close to you to call on for various garage door opener problems is beyond useful. The automatic overhead door in your garage relies on the opener to open and close smoothly. When this device malfunctions, the door's performance will suffer as a result. An opener making a lot of noise or not responding to the remote control is just the tip of the iceberg of potential issues. Luckily, we've got garage door opener repair experts close to Jonesboro who know how to easily deal with all the possible mechanical and electrical problems. From motor repairs to circuit board replacement, we can troubleshoot the opener and get it back to normal in no time.

A Garage Door Spring Broke

What do you do now? The answer is simple. You can probably guess… you call us, that's what! Broken spring replacement presents all sorts of difficulties and risks. The last thing you want is to get hurt trying to fix this sort of problem. That's why seeking professional assistance with broken garage door springs matters so much. Avoid the injuries and have the best spring replacement technicians near you take care of this issue in no time. Whether you're in CityName or somewhere nearby, our spring repair pros will get to you within a couple of hours and fix the problem on the spot.

Local Garage Door Installers In Jonesboro GA

For those Jonesboro homeowners looking to get new overhead doors for garages, we have a selection of top-quality products to offer. Our garage door installation services include an initial free estimate and consultation. We can help you decide between steel, aluminum, wood and more as well as consider the best R-value, durability, and overall aesthetics that best go with your garage and budget. Get a free quote on new garage doors today by getting in touch with us for a free consult.

Some Work Projects We Recently Completed

Take a look at a few of the latest garage door repair and replacement service requests we got from people around Jonesboro. See if you need help with similar or different tasks.

Roller Replacement Near Jonesboro

Roller Replacement

Service Request: Damaged garage door rollers on both sides led to a situation where the door would grind something fierce each time it moved. It would also rattle, and the movement was very slow.
Our Solution: Checking the garage door tracks led us to discover that the problem actually lied with the rollers. While the tracks were a bit rusty, they weren’t bent and didn’t have any blockages. However, on both sides of the garage door, the rollers were in far less than ideal shape. We replaced them with new, ball-bearing garage door rollers that had a sturdy coating that would see them last for a long time to come.

Krista François - Jonesboro
Garage Door Spring Replacement | Jonesboro

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Service Request: Mrs. Biel noticed that not only her garage door wouldn’t go all the way up, but it was also squeaking a lot too.
Our Solution: The description of the problem immediately made it obvious to us that the garage door springs were at fault. Checking them proved so, as the malformed coils we found couldn’t support the door’s weight the same as before. We replaced the worn garage door spring and adjusted the tension with the new unit to ensure the door with lift all the way and go down without slamming to the ground.

Clarissa Biel - Jonesboro

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